Turns closet as vocal room

Info tentang buat sendiri Vocal Room dari wiki. http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Vocal-Booth Steps 1/ Setting. You will need a small room that is big enough for a mic and a person. A closet is a great place for a vocal booth in a home studio, as long as it is roomy enough for you and big enough. (because closets can be pretty small and you don't want to go crazy because of the tight space right in the middle of your smash hit) 2/ Renovations. If you choose to use a closet as a vocal booth (which I recommend for new comers or people on a budget) there are obviously some things you must change first: 3/ Make sure it has a light (some people like singing in the rain... But no one likes singing in the dark) 4/ Take out the bar where you hang your clothes by un screwing the bolts with a screw driver or drill. (if there isn't a way to unscrew it then improvise, just get that dang thing out of there!) 5/ Sound proof it. There are two stores you could head over to so you get this job done. If you have the money go to guitar center and buy your self some REAL studio foam for thousands of dollars, or you can go to Wal-Mart and buy regular foam, buy enough to cover all the walls and the doors. Nail the foam to the walls with one nail on the top left, top right, middle left, middle right, bottom left, bottom right. (that's how I would do it. But as long as its pinned up good do whatever you like) then lay down some heavy carpet. If the closet already has carpet lay down one or two rugs. One last touch just to make the sound better is a 'portable vocal booth' you can get at guitar centre. (trust me you will tell the difference in sound if you add it) Now you could scream at the top of your lungs and no one will here you! 6/ Add. Now that it is all fit to your comfort and specifications it's time to put the main attraction in. The microphone! Put the best mic you have in here as well as a stand for it and a stool that you can sit on if you feel the need to. Run the microphone's wires through to the recording device however you like as long as it does not affect the integrity of the sound proof room (ie; leaving the door open) 7/ Customize. Why not make it original! Spray paint the walls, add posters! Just make it compeletely original and spontaneous because who knows you could get inspiration just from looking at the paint pattern! ***Tips - if you purchase Wal mart foam you may want to overlap it because it is not as thick as studio foam. - get the portable vocal booth from guitar centre to add more quality to the sound. - if you have the MONEY forget the closet and get a normal size room but lather it with studio foam and heavy carpet, but still follow the other instructions. ***Warnings - Be careful while taking out the closet bar because you don't want to wreck the walls by smashing it out with a sledge hammer. - if you are claustrophobic do not use a closet as a vocal booth. ***Things You'll Need closet/small room foam nails carpet/rugs microphone mic stand stool drill/ screw driver ( to take out bar) portable vocal booth good work ethic a BRAIN ***Sources and Citations www.youtube.com/how to build your own vocal booth